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A Miner's Dream

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Note: This article is quite badly damaged. Missing words have been added in parentheses. This article appeared in the Goulburn Evening Penny Post, Saturday April 27, 1907, several other newspapers printed the same article word for word.

A MINER'S DREAM - Extraordinary Presentiment

Melbourne, Friday - a miner named Henry, of Bulumwaal, dreamed last night (that) at 4 o'clock to-day while at work in his (claim) he was badly injured by a fall of earth (and) was unable to extricate himself. The dream made such an impression on him that after telling his wife of it he decided not to go to work. Later in the day, however, he changed his mind and went to the claim.

Precisely at 4 o'clock, between four and five tonnes of earth fell upon him, and he was unable to extricate himself. His cries for help were heard by others, and he was rescued with much difficulty just as his wife was sending to the mine to inquire about his welfare. Henry has four or five ribs broken, and is suffering from shock.

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