Edwardian Spiritualism - An Australian Scrapbook

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This scrap book originally belonged to a Sydney gentleman in the early 20th century. According to a letter in the book I believe he may have been named "G Carter", at some stage he may have worked for the John Sands printing company in Sydney (possibly in the late 19th century), was a pacifist, very involved in various spiritualist organisations in Australia and seems to have had an ongoing struggle with alcohol which he went to great lengths to overcome. He may have originally been from New Zealand.

Begun in the Edwardian era, the scrapbook covers the first 30 or so years of the 20th century with newspaper clippings, memorabilia, letters, booklets and photographs.

The publication dates of Most newspaper articles have been researched using . Where possible, the exact publication has been listed. Otherwise, a date of publication of very similar articles on the same subject has been used.

If you know anything about G Carter, or would be interested in researching his life please and I will give you as much information from the scrapbook as I can (or you may come and view it if you are in Australia).

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