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The Ghost of Von Moltke

Dr. Franz Hartmann contributes to the "Occult Review" for July the following story of the ghost of Field-Marshal General von Moltke, which, he says, is well known in Germany:-

"One night at about 11 o'clock the sentinels who stood guard at the door of the palace where Field-Marshal General von Moltke lived, saw him come out and presented their arms. The general wore his usual military dress, but without a sword, and was bareheaded. At the sameĀ  time General von G----- and another gentleman of the court saw the marshal walking out of the door. He walked up the street to the place where the bridge was then building to which afterwards his name was given. There he stood still and seemed to look at the work. The two gentlemen were very much surprised to see Moltke walk about bareheaded and at such an unusual hour, and they followed him for fear that some accident might happen to him. After a while Moltke turned round a corner and went on, and they followed him again, but he mysteriously disappeared. That night Moltke died, and when the two gentlemen heard of it, they naturally supposed that he had met with an accident when they saw him near midnight; but it turned out that he had died already at 9p.m., or some two hours before they followed him. The case has been made the subject of official investigation. The sentinels and the other witnesses were examined, and no circumstance could have been better authenticated. It created a great sensation at the time, but the 'experts' did not know what to make of it. As 'Moltke Bridge' was then nearly finished, it seems natural that the old general wished to see it, and this may have been his last thought, which caused his spirit to create a phantasm of himself."

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