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On the 19th instant a concert was given in Mr. Nettleton's Hall by the above, and a Christmas tree loaded with seasonable gifts, toys, sweets &c, formed an inviting object on the occasion. The children, looking the picture of contentment, took their places and the concert began by an overture, "The Midnight Flyer,' by Messrs. Tanner and Mason; then the Lyceum sang a chorus "Hallelujah we sing," very heartily, and its appreciation by the audience showed the leaders that the time spent in rehearsal had not been lost. A recitation by Miss M. Bonwick next claimed attention and the martial song that followed by E. Mullins took away all dread of a possible foe. "The old School-master" was then recited in a creditable manner by Master Cecil Tanner, and the duet "Jack Tar," by Misses Riley and Loomes, was greatly enjoyed as was also the "Letter from Pa," by Stan Bonwick. A violin solo next claimed attention and was very nicely rendered by Miss Hunter. Then a recitation, "Good Girls," by Miss R. Carter was next carefully given, and a song, "The singer was Irish," by Miss R. Riley. A recitation by Miss Queenie Ryan concluded the first half.

The distribution of books and other seasonable gifts was then gone through, and at the suggestion of the president, a hearty vote of thanks was voted to the accompanist, Mr. T. Mason.

The objects of the Lyceum were then briefly explained and an invitation given to send along children who attended  no other school on Sundays. The president is ably assisted by Mrs. Bonwick, Miss E. Basford, Miss G. Bonwick, Mr. G. Carter, Mr. Jones, Mr. Tanner, and Mr. May, who spare no trouble for the children's welfare.

The programme was continued with a piano solo by Miss Game, who was presented with a special book "A Soul's Pilgrimage" by the group leader (Miss E. Basford) ; a recitation followed by Miss Druce and another by Master G. Carter ; a violin solo "Spring Time," by Cecil Tanner (to whom a special book was also given by Mr. G. Carter) ;  Miss May Ryder followed with a recitation given quaintly and cleverly ; recitation by G. Carter, Junr., and another duet, "My pretty maid," by Misses Riley and Loomes; recitation by A. Basford and others by Miss Speachly, Miss M. Druce, and G. Carter, Senr., followed. The entertainment concluded by the Lyceum singing "Flow on ye happy hours," and after a couple of dances the children wended their way homeward.

  • This article possibly refers to the special Christmas event of 1907 but I have not been able to find any references to this article online.

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