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Association of Spiritualists - Address by Mrs. Georgia Cooley.

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This article was published in Dominion (New Zealand), Volume 1, Issue 87, 6th January 1908

The New Century Hall in Kent Terrace was crowded last night, when Mrs. Georgia Gladys Cooley, the celebrated Spiritualist medium from U.S.A., who is under special engagement to conduct missions under the auspices of the Wellington Association of Spiritualists, delivered the first of a series of addresses on Spiritualistic subjects. The platform was tastefully adorned with floral decorations, while the national flags of America, Great Britain, and the Dominion of New Zealand were draped on the wall behind.

Mr. William McLean, President of the Association, in an introductory speech, introduced Mrs. Cooley to her audience, and referred to the work of the distinguished medium in America. On behalf of the Spiritualists of New Zealand he extended to their visitor a hearty welcome. He quoted from a letter from the late President of the National Association of Spiritualists of the United States, in which the writer referred to the splendid services rendered to Spiritualism in America by Mrs. Cooley. He tendered to her their very best wishes for the success of her mission in New Zealand.

Mrs. Cooley replied feelingly to the President's address of welcome. The flags above them, she said, symbolized the greatest victory of all - the bond of national union.

The speaker then referred to the subject of her address, "Spiritualism, the Light of the Age." Modern Spiritualism was the light-bearer of the present day; it answered the anxious enquirer in a way that no other religion did. Other religions failed to supply that consolation to the bereaved, stricken with anguish, at the loss of their dear ones, which Spiritualism did. A religion which did not cross to the Great Beyond, that did not lift the veil which hid the mystery of the dead, could not supply that consolation. Taking up the condition which followed upon that chemical change which they called death was simply taking up that life in the Hereafter which they had laid down before the change. It was a "birthday." In the world which lay before them after death the question which would be asked them was not, how much money they had left behind, but what treasures they had laid up, by good deeds and thoughts, for the Hereafter. What they one and all craved for was knowledge. The spirit of research possessed their minds, and the intellectual progress of the world was the story of man's obedience to the instinct for knowledge. They were stepping on the stones of knowledge to higher things. No truth or portion of a truth was ever accepted by a community at once. That was for the individual, who, inspired by the divinity of his discovery, inspired others, taught them, and so ultimately educated the entire community. Spiritualism had a practical bearing on their lives. It laid its influence, not only upon the soul, but upon the temple of the soul, the body. That temple should be a fit sanctuary for the soul. They went to their temples of worship to pray, and they regarded these places as hallowed, clean, and pure. The same should be said of the earthly temples of their souls. They should be well cared for, pure, and worthy of their sacred tenants. They would find many a true woman dressed in calico, many a perfect gentleman garbed in "jeans," and they would find many an adventuress in silk and satins, and many a villain in broadcloth. She urged them to live close to nature, for in the purity and sweetness of nature they would find the lessons for their own conduct in life. Let them give heed to those sudden thoughts which, as a warning voice, commanded them to turn aside from certain actions. It took a great deal to be a Spiritualist. Spiritualism did not merely mean to the earnest believer that spirits would come to him from the other world. It laid upon him the necessity of living his life on the earth plane in its highest and truest and purest sense. Then, and only then, could the believer be called a true Spiritualist, and enjoy the blessings of his reward both in this life and the Hereafter.

Mrs. Cooley then gave a few messages from the spirit world.

A seance will be held on Wednesday evening in the New Century Hall, Kent Terrace, when the medium will give an exhibition of her powers.

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