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Traditional Colours and Symbols

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Yellow rose

Black - eternity, remembrance
Blue - wishes for good health
Brown - Mother Earth, harvest
Dark green - bountifulness
Dark red - Harvest
Light green - spring, new growth, hope
Orange - strength, endurance
Purple - fasting, faith, patience, trust
Red - happiness, hope, passion
Royal blue - higher life, trust
White - purity, innocence, birth
Yellow - light, purity, youth, happiness, hospitality

Acorns - preparation for the future
Bees - hard work, industry
Deer, Horses, Rams - good health, wealth, prosperity
Drops - the fallen tears of Mary
Evergreen trees - eternal youth and health
Fish - Christianity
Lion - strength
Net - Christian symbol for 'fisher of men'
Rakes and ladders - good husbandry, prosperity
Ribbons - everlasting life
Roses - love and caring
Storks, chicks, hens, roosters - fulfillment of wishes, fertility
Sun - growth, good fortune
Sunflowers - the warmth of the sun's rays
Triangles - the Trinity; air, fire, water; Heaven, Earth, Hell;
sun, thunder, bonfire
Wheat - bountiful harvest
Wolves' teeth - protection

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