Australian Charity Listing

Please note: Because I live in Australia I only list Australian charities.

Angel Blanket Australia Inc

Angel Blanket Australia is a volunteer, not-for-profit organisation based in New South Wales. We are attempting to support families dealing with the loss of their baby through miscarriage or stillbirth.

Losing a baby is heartbreaking, and often the grieving parents don’t have a baby blanket with them in hospital due to the unexpected nature of miscarriage or stillbirth. It is saddening when hospitals do not have on hand an option to suit such little ones, and sometimes have to present babies on a tray to the parent(s).

We want to offer some support at this traumatic time and provide handmade blankets to hospitals for babies born that can be held (14-23 weeks old).

For more information visit the Angel Blanket Australia Inc website or follow updates on their FaceBook page

Can Assist

We are seeking 50 large, 50 medium and 50 small pairs of knitted socks for patients to wear and take with them as a gift from Can Assist, after their stay at the Jean Colvin Hospital.

These patients come from rural NSW and stay on average 6 weeks whilst they undergo cancer treatment. We are wanting to make their stay as comfortable as possible and as such, we are creating a welcome pack for them when they arrive. The socks will be a lovely touch of warmth and comfort.

Socks are to be sent to:
Kate vanderVoort Development Manager
Can Assist
17 Ocean Ave
Double Bay
NSW 2028

Can Assist
Tel:9328 7571
Fax:9362 8942
Mobile: 0419 289 958

Charity Knitters Tasmania

A group for Tasmanian knitters, crocheters and loomers who create items for local charities, to talk about their projects. Ask advice related to your knitting, crochet or looming, seek patterns, swap yarn using our database, explore useful links.  This is the perfect place to find others who may like to help you with your charity project. Every contribution helps.

Knitting for Brisbane's Needy

Do you love to knit/crochet, want to help the needy? We invite other knitters/crocheters to join us and make items to be donated to charities who assist the homeless, abused, women/children's refuges, needy families, prem babies, cancer patients, animal shelters etc.

The charities must give the items we donate DIRECTLY to those in need.

Charities have told us how much this would be appreciated as people don't tend to donate warm clothing for Queensland's needy as they think it doesn't get cold enough here but it does, especially for those living on the streets in the cold and wet. They also like to be able to give some NEW items to the needy as it boosts their self confidence.

Visit for more details

Knitters for Melbourne's Needy

Knitters for Melbourne's needy are an organization in Victoria, Australia. They donate items to charities with the assurance that they will not be resold in goodwill stores.

Their website is no longer online so you will need to call or write to them for details.

6 Testar Gr 
VIC, 3161
Telephone: 03 95258797