Lace skull and crossbones design. Free knitting pattern available

or read below for even more knitting related goodies :-)

Baby doll in a cradle purse. Knitting pattern available for purchase

Learn to knit with "Kids Knit!". Knit hats with any yarn, in any size with "The Any Yarn, Any Size Knit Hat Book" or make a knit version of a retro crochet classic with the Baby Doll Cradle Purse.

Knitted map of Australia

A listing of Australian charities that accept knitted items

Designaknit logo

Stitch patterns and pallette files for use with Designaknit Software

Knitting spool

Needle and yarn conversions, how to remove the colour jog in circular knitting, knitting backwards movies and a lot more

Little penguins

(aka Fairy Penguins)

Find out all about knitting for penguins here. This FAQ is updated as the need arises.

Barbie knitting machine

Instructions for those who bought their machine at a yard sale without them and a growing collection of projects to knit

Australian sunset

Thoughts on the fibre adventure

Michael Shanks

Photos from local fibre shows, costume stills from movies and TV and more