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Vintage Rose Symbols for Adobe Illustrator

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Pink rose from a vintage painting

Antique Roses Symbol Set

(Originally posted on Illustrator Freebies, June 6th 2013)

As most of you will already know, when working with Illustrator you have an infinite number of sources when it comes to artwork. As long as they’re your original work or in the public domain, of course!

This week I’m sharing with you the source of the roses from last week’s rose borders, a biscuit tin from the 1940’s.

Antique tin with painted roses

I scanned the lid, then used live trace to turn it into vector art. I then copied it and deleted everything but the large roses and finally cleaned around the edges and turned the whole lot into symbols.

Here’s just one of the fabrics that I created with these roses. You can download the background flowers as a symbol collection here.

Romantique – Green

Romantique in green. A fabric from Spoonflower

Let me know what you make with them!

File Download Download the free vintage rose symbol set for Adobe Illustrator

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