"Home Work" Notes on the Book and Patterns

The Source

The patterns on this page originally appeared in a collection of crochet and knitting patterns and toiletry "recipes" titled "Home Work" in 1891. The book was "collected, corrected, and arranged" by someone enigmatically known only as "A.M".

Originally published in Toronto, Canada, the book appears entirely in it's original form (including the crochet patterns and toiletry recipes that don't appear here yet) at Early Canadiana Online: Home Work.

Unfortunately most of the images from the original book aren't viewable due to poor copying from the source (the website states that this is due to poor photocopying and faxing of the original), or simply because they didn't exist, which is one of the reasons that I decided I had to knit all these wonderfully named designs :)

I first came across this wonderful resource when a member of the KnitU knitter's e-mail list posted the URL to the list. I immediately set to work updating the patterns to modern knitting and crochet language and creating charts and images of the finished designs so that the work of "A.M" can still be enjoyed, more than 105 years after it was first created.

The Updated Patterns (My Contribution)

The patterns (as they appear on this website) have had the language updated to modern knitting terms. I have also added charts, where applicable, and have made and photographed a sample of the finished piece (also where applicable). I have also added information on the yarns that I used and hook/needle size.

I hope you enjoy my efforts, and the efforts of A.M who went to the herculean effort of collecting these designs 109 years ago.

~Sarah June 5th 2000