Mrs Beeton’s Pattern for Knitted Curtains

Mrs Beeton's Pattern for Knitted Curtain with free knitting pattern

In 1870, Isabella Beeton published Mrs Beeton’s Book of Needlework, which includes a pattern for knitted curtains.

As of many patterns of the time, it was written in a rather strange manner. If you’re not comfortable with the idiosyncrasies of knitting instructions of the period, deciphering it could be very confusing.

I’ve rewritten the pattern in modern terminology, corrected the “oddness”, (I won’t say errors. It was correct, just written very weirdly and missing several rows), and have added a chart for my fellow chart-knitters. I think it’s a very pretty stitch, with the extra laciness made by the elongated stitches. I hope you enjoy knitting it as well.

Mrs Beeton’s Pattern for Knitted Curtains – free lace knitting pattern.

One Response to Mrs Beeton’s Pattern for Knitted Curtains

  1. Victoria Bell says:

    Thanks so much for all your work rewriting this pattern. I think I’ll try it in a curtain. Victoria Bell