Brittany's Millenium Jumper Knitting Pattern

Child's sweater with hand embroidery

Note from Brittany's Mum: Brittany designed this sweater as part of the Millenium jumper project at the 1999 Melbourne Sheep and Wool Show when she was 5 years old. She finalised the design 8 months later (changing the background from lilac to pink and adding long sleeves), then I charted it in DesignaKnit on a size sweater to fit her and hand knit it.

Size: Child's Australian size 7 (to fit average 6 - 7 year old)

Materials: Approximately 275gms of pink DK wool at approx 100 yards/ 90m per 50gms
50gms DK purple and medium blue, and approximately 25gms each of bright blue, brown, turquoise blue, black, yellow, lilac, light turquoise green, light lime green, medium pink, and red.

1 pr each 4mm and 3.25mm knitting needles.

Using 3.25mm needles and pink cast on 86sts and work 18 rows K1, P1 rib.
Change to 4mm needles and work 116 rows st st. Cast off.

Using 3.25mm needles and pink, cast on 86sts and work 18 rows K1, P1 rib.
Change to 4mm needles and work the front in the intarsia technique following the chart below.
Cast off.

Front Graph

Basic Sleeve:
Using 3.25mm needles cast on 46sts and work 18 rows K1, P1 rib.
Change to 4mm needles and work as follows:
Work 5 rows st st,
Inc 1 st at each end of the next, and every following 5th row 6 times, then every 6th row 9 times.
Wok 4 rows st st, cast off.

Right Sleeve:
Work as for basic sleeve in stripes as follows:
Cuff: pink
Stripes of 12 rows each in medium blue
turquoise blue
light turquoise green
light lime green
and the remaining 10 rows in pink

Left Sleeve:
Cuff: medium blue
Stripes of 13 rows each in bright blue
turquoise blue
and the remaining 16 rows in light lime green

Join both shoulder seams
Using medium blue and 3.25mm needles pick up 92 stitches around the neck as follows:
Left front neck: 21sts
Bottom front neck: 14sts
Right front neck: 21sts
Back neck: 36 sts
Work 9 rounds K1, P1 rib and cast off evenly.

Making Up:
Sew in all loose threads.
Measure 17.5cm down from the shoulder seams on front and back and place markers.
Sew sleeves between these markers.
Sew side and sleeve seams, making sure to place the centre of the sleeve's cast off edge level with the shoulder seam.
Work embroidery in outline st as shown on the diagram below. Light blue lines are worked in turquoise blue, purple = purple and bright blue = bright blue.

Embroidery Diagram

Block and lay flat to dry.

Design Copyright Brittany Ann Overton 2000, Knitting Pattern Copyright Sarah Bradberry (Brittany's Mum) 2000. Please address any questions about knitting this jumper to Sarah as Brittany is only 8 years old! :) You can visit Sarah's Knitting page at

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